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9th-Oct-2009 02:50 pm(no subject)
I went Bridal Gown shopping last night. It was amazing. What every girl dreams of I am sure.

I actually felt like i was in "Say Yes to The Dress" show haha. I had my own consultant which I told what I wanted and price range and she put us in this huge room. She ran back and forth a million times grabbing dresses and helping me into them.
She was amazing. I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me. She listened to everything I had to say nothing more nothing less.

We spent 2 1/2 hours at Bancroft Bridal. And I liked a few dresses well...pieces of dresses but nothing WOW until the very last dress I tried on. It was everything I ever wanted....sweetheart neckline, corset bodice, string corset back, beaded, a little "puffy" elegant and well in my price range. Maggie Sottero by far designs the most beautiful dresses.

I didn't order it though. It's a huge decision I am going to another bridal shop just to say that I went and looked else where and Yes! this is the dress of my dreams rather than saying hmm what if I could of found something else. I had a dream about the dress last night though and that has to be a sign!

this the link. It is by far my Cinderella dress!
13th-Sep-2009 09:42 am(no subject)
Never under estimate just how emotional a wedding is for someone who is terminally ill.

Yesterday my parents, sister and brother in law, matt and I attended my cousin Leigh-Anne's wedding. It was prob the most fun wedding I have ever been too. She had it at Summit View outside. They told everyone to bring a change of clothes so after we ate everyone changed, danced, played volleyball, football, soccer. After we went back to her parent's house and had an after party consisting of beer pong, flip cup, hamburgers and hot dogs. Playing beer pong with my parents might go down in history.

I saw a lot of family I haven't seen in forever and it was amazing. There were a lot of kiddos from Comp too that were a year ahead of me. PS Jared Laflamme is married and has been for 3 years they eloped. HAHA I saw my "cousin" Nick who in reality is just an old family friend who is still just as cute as ever.

My cousin has cystic fibrosis the thought of her making it to her 20's was questionable and here she is 25 and now married. It was so emotional, I didn't cry that hard for my sister's wedding. Ryan is by far one of the most amazing men ever. I think me and my sister were drunk 2 hours into the wedding and danced our asses off. My father even danced but mainly video taped EVERYTHING which I am sure will be interesting when we review it.

It really made me think this....I love my family. I could have never said that 10 years ago. I didn't even have a bad childhood I probably had one of the best but I just always felt like I didn't fit in. Things moved in slow motion yesterday as I took over the video camera and video taped my sister and dad slow dancing. At one point I am pretty sure my sister and I were slow dancing, Matt grinding up with my mom haha and Craig going crazy when 50 Cent came on. I realized that finally we are a big happy family and no one was pretending to be happy.

I'm getting married in 1 year. I........can't..........wait.......
25th-Jul-2009 08:23 pm(no subject)
2 things.

I just watched Revolutionary Road and loved it. It was so realistic and very well directed. Very good

I wont tickets to a Yankee's game in August....I put in for it because its a fundraiser that goes towards my work even though I despise the Yankees. for $10 for 4 tickets. But I won them haha but it is ok. Me and Matt are kinda excited because it's a reason to get away and do something fun and plus we both kinda wanted to see the new stadium anyways. yay for us.
21st-Jul-2009 03:08 am(no subject)
It's 3am and I am WIDE awake. ugh...This hasn't happened to me in a long time. At least I don't have to work tomorrow.

Can't Hardly Wait was just on.....I love that movie..
Now it is music videos and I haven't watched a music video on MTV in years.....

I need to go to sleep...the sun will be rising in 2 hours...
24th-Jun-2009 04:51 pm - Wedding
Picked our date (done)
Reception hall (done)
Ceremony site (done)
Officiant (done)
DJ (done)
Ceremony music (done)
Photographer (done)
Wedding bands (done)
Picked my colors (done)
This wedding planning thing is kinda easy. I just fount out my wedding planner also does flowers and cheap at that! I can get my ideal flowers (calla lillies) for cheap ah AMAZING! We found the perfect photographer. My place does my cake and flowers but I design both! so whats left..

Wedding dress, book honeymoon, bridesmaids dresses, gifts and well I have more than a year for those things this is so easy. Why do women become Bridezillas?? I mean I am being pretty picky and particular but things are happening so smoothly and we aren't being bitchy about what we want either.
14th-Mar-2009 06:57 pm(no subject)
I feel like I am going through a mid life crisis at 24....

I have everything I want right now except my job is running me down. I don't want to do this job for many more years and I am freaking out because basically I am never going anywhere with a bachelors in psychology i would need a masters to really do a lot. I  have no desire to go through a masters program right now. The only good thing really is that with a BA in Psych i can go in any field really cause its so practical but what else would I do? ugh...this is frustrating I wish i had a shit load of ambition but I am lacking and its making everything so difficult.

Can someone please knock on my door and offer me an amazing career thank you.
24th-Feb-2009 11:16 am(no subject)
So both Matt and I made a lot on our tax return. Originally I was just going to deposit my half into our wedding fund account but in the end I didn't. I decided that I never really buy things for myself. So I did a little clothing shopping.

Matt and I bought our wedding bands on Sunday :) It was a buy one get one free sale at Steven's where my engagement ring was purchased. They have that sale once a year so I wanted to take advantage of it. I got the matching wedding band to my ring its so pretty. Matt found the perfect ring. He was so excited he wants to wear it now which I think is adorable. We will get them in about 3 weeks.

Matt and I went to AT&T and was simply inquiring when we can upgrade and what it takes to get off our parents accounts and have a family plan for us...we left with 2 iphones! I dont even know what happened the girl was talking about it and we were eligible and how can you resist an iphone cause they are amazing. Needless to say we got them and I am freaking out because perhaps i didnt have to spend that much but I rationalized it by saying some of my tax refund will be paying for it....

I'm addicted to my iphone...
31st-Jan-2009 07:58 pm(no subject)
I am officially getting laser surgery for my eyes on Wed Feb 4th. I can't wait. Matt is taking the day off because he "wants to take care of me" but really he just wants to see me high on Valium and wearing these ridiculous goggles outside and to bed.

The anticipation is killing me.
20th-Jan-2009 11:56 am(no subject)
So I went and got a consultation at North East Laser Center. I have decided I am getting Lasik eye surgery. I have had needed seeing aids for 15 years!!! that's crazy. Since I have been 9 years old. I am at a perfect age. The lady did an initial scanning of my eyes and said it looks like I would be a really good candidate. She is 89% sure that I can get it done but the only thing that would hold me back is that because my eyes are so dark...and my pupil's are big that they need to measure my pupils and look farther into it to see if this would cause me to always have a glare or halo's around things. I can get that screening done for $200. If I am not a candidate I get my money back. I think I will def find out. I want this so badly.

I will need to wear glasses for 7 days before which is a little annoying because I am def. not used to wearing my glasses all the time. It will be around $5000 but she said if I pay cash or money order I get 10% off which I am SO gonna do. Whatever saves me money. I will crushed if they tell me I can't get it done. I am trying to prepare myself for the worst but it's so hard when the posibility of seeing 20/20 for the rest of my life can happen.
12th-Jan-2009 06:18 pm - I might have over exaggerated
so....I am getting married in 20 months. We already have the reception/ceremony site, DJ, "jp" really its just my uncle, we pretty much know who we want for a photographer. My wedding planner/reception site takes care of my favors (whatever I pick), and wedding cake (whatever I pick). I really just need well my dress and bridemaids but I already know exactly what I want for my girls and flowers which i pretty much know.

perhaps I could have gotten married in 09.......whoops. oh well. Sometimes i kick myself in the ass when I think "MAN i could be getting married in 8 months instead of 20 months" but whatev.

We bought a new 42inch flat screen the other weekend. Def. didn;t need it and I was holding a grudge against Matt because well it just is not something we needed to waste our money on when we had a perfectly working tv before but I get that its nice and all.

I am seriously considering getting Lasik eye surgery soon. I have been thinking about it for years and I mean since probably high school but I was too young and my eyes kept changing. They have been the same for several years now and i'm the perfect age now, 24....eiw..24. Anyways I def. have the money that is just sitting there. I am awesome with saving so the $3000 it might cost I can replace in no time. I would LOVE to have no contacts/glasses. It's hard to understand if you dont NEED them like I do and have had to deal with them since you were 9!. At no time in my day can I not wear contacts or glasses I am so fuckin blind. For my wedding that would be so nice to not have contacts. I will have to worry about my makeup not running and I don't want to worry about if my contacts will fall out if I get too watery. THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE. Not to mention on my honeymoon when we do water activities or...whatever. I just won't have to worry about it. They have free consults and I am pretty sure I would qualify....I would be crushed if I don't qualify but its worth my time to find out.

I'm growing up too fast....
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